Zeramim: An Online Journal of Applied Jewish Thought provides a platform for the dissemination of new applied scholarship in all areas of Jewish studies. In Zeramim’s commitment to the publication of applied scholarship–academic studies that touch upon questions asked in the contexts of modern Jewish life and thought–we assert the conviction that a better understanding of Jewish history and civilization is critical to the future of the Jewish people. “Zeramim” (“זרמים”) is Hebrew for “streams” of water, and, in the parlance of modern Hebrew, the term also refers to intellectual “currents.” The word Zeramim expresses both our desire to explore the nexus between Jewish scholarship and lived Jewish experience, and our commitment to sharing writing that reflects a diversity of contemporary Jewish approaches to the world around us.

Zeramim is an independent publication, not affiliated with any other Jewish communal institution. Articles published here present original research or analysis that builds on and incorporates understandings about their subjects in the Jewish Studies academy. Our articles make academic ideas accessible to a general audience and explore how their questions inform our thinking about issues of active concern to contemporary Jewish life.

Please send any proposed submissions to [email protected]. Submissions are welcomed from Jewish Studies scholars, Jewish professionals (and those studying for Jewish professions), and, of course, from interested laypeople.

Please send any comments to [email protected].  We reserve the right to publish any comments, and to do so in edited form. If you wish to receive notification of new issues, please send your email address to [email protected].